Big Boi’s Tweet: This Time Black Twitter Got It Wrong

We all love Black Twitter for the countless laughs, insights, trendsetting and reads and we count on it to correct celebrities and shift narratives to a decidedly black perspective. Black Twitter has become a trusted barometer for what Black America is thinking…at least Gen Xers and Millennials.

Of course, Black Twitter is also quick to attack when celebrities slip into racist, misogynistic or otherwise offensive tropes. In fact, we look forward to it.

Big Boi, of the legendary rap duo OutKast was the target of Black Twitter’s furor after posting a meme the compared the mothers of yesterday to the mothers of today.

The backlash from women who apparently felt targeted for their “thot-ish” behavior came soon after.


This logic…

But what about the message? We all see mothers displaying this behavior, (you know, booty popping shots, barely dressed with their children in the background observing their behavior) and we move on past it like it’s normal. It’s not. It’s also not healthy for their children (our children) or our culture.

Only a couple of tweets pointed out the obvious flaw about this argument –that fathers were not equally held responsible for how children “turn out”.  But isn’t it all connected? Do thots pick the best fathers? Likely not. Do women have a choice in who they give their bodies to? In most cases (except rape)  yes. Would the presence of fathers make a difference in the lives of the children? ABSOLUTELY.

My point is, the wider American trend to judge not–even when it is means suspending common sense, is one we should probably leave to the others. We should be able to have discourse about the direction of our culture with serious consideration of the consequences of loosened moral imperatives.









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