Judge Joe Brown Turns Himself In to Authorities “I Stand for Justice”


Judge Joe Brown Is Not Backing Down

(Memphis,TN August 27, 2015)

Emmy Nominee, Former Tennessee Prosecutor and Criminal Court Judge, Joe Brown is scheduled to turn himself in to authorities today on Contempt of Court charges after his appeal was denied by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Brown who has more than 40 years practicing law, will surrender himself  to serve five days in the Shelby County Jail.

Brown released this statement to the media:

“I will not apologize for vigorously defending my client and demanding that the court follow the law. What I saw was a miscarriage of justice and I did what needed to be done.

I will serve the time and I will continue stand up and speak out for justice as I have done throughout my 40-year legal career.

When our courts don’t follow the rule of law, justice is in jeopardy for everyone. Thank you to all of my supporters. Your prayers and well wishes are appreciated.”

The charges stem from a bizarre case in Shelby County Juvenile Court in which Brown provided Pro-Bono representation for a woman who was arrested, accused of being the mother to a daughter and preventing the alleged father from seeing her.

The woman allegedly told Brown that she never gave birth to a daughter and did not understand why she was arrested or what her accuser wanted.

The was heard in Shelby County Juvenile Court, which recently come under investigation by the U,S, Justice Department for civil rights violations including due process and discrimination against blacks (READ JUSTICE DEPARTMENT REPORT HERE ).

The plaintiff was seeking to be listed as “father”  on official records.

Brown’s discovered his client was arrested on an unsigned “rubber stamped” warrant for her to appear in court.

The case went before Harold Horne, a Shelby County Magistrate who has faced public reprimand by the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary for misconduct that violated judicial codes of conduct that damaged “public trust in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.” Violated the public’s “right to be heard” and did not “dispose of matters fairly.” READ THE REPRIMAND HERE.

Horne and Brown entered into a heated exchange when Brown requested to place his client on the stand to testify under oath that she did not give birth to the daughter she was accused of having and Horne refused to hear the client, citing time limitations.

A frustrated Brown proceeded to question the authority under which the magistrate was acting.

The magistrate then threatened to hold Brown in Contempt. PARTIAL audio of courtroom showdown.

Brown quoted the law that the court only had authority to fine up to $10 dollars on contempt charges.

Brown was taken into custody.

Brown gave this interview as he was released from jail.

The case against Brown’s client was later dismissed, though it got very little media coverage.


Brown had entered to run for Shelby County District Attorney against incumbent Amy Weirich . Weirich, a well-funded Republican favorite, was outspending Brown in every local news outlet, including black publications. The funds spent in media appeared to influence coverage of  Brown’s court proceedings and the events throughout campaign.

Shelby County Juvenile Court released a press release regarding Judge Joe Brown’s arrest and mugshot. SCJC is alleged to have  also contacted the media regarding Brown’s arrest warrant, prior to contacting Brown.


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