Turns Out Being “Big Boned” Is Really a Thing!!

ChrissyglowChristian Kirk| Published August 14, 2015

Twitter: @MediaMaven901

As yeah right faceit turns out, there really is a such thing as “big boned,” at least in the black population. According to studies from the American Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, blacks have higher bone density and fat free body mass than whites. The findings mean blacks can weigh more than whites and still be healthy.

Blacks Incorrectly Labeled Obese

Because our higher bone density and greater lean muscle mass cause us to weigh more, blacks are often labeled obese when it doesn’t apply. This is largely due to doctors using the crude Body Mass Index formula to diagnose. The problem is that the BMI is based on the body composition of whites and does not take into consideration the larger and denser bones and greater lean mass of some black people. The studies also show that blacks have healthier weight distributions than whites, even when heavier.

Our Food Is Killing Us

Blacks still lead in obesity related diseases. But the problem may not be the weight but the lack of nutrition. Blacks are an economically depressed group and lack healthy food options even in wealthier black in communities. Because of this, blacks are eating more processed, nutritionally negligible foods than our  white counterparts.

“Obesity Related” Diseases Actually Due to Vitamin Deficiencies

Common illnesses in the black community, previously linked to obesity, have now been linked instead to vitamin deficiencies. Type 2 Diabetes is linked to deficiencies in Vitamin A and magnesium. High blood pressure has also been linked to Vitamin D and Vitamin C deficiencies . Vitamin D deficiency is very common in black people because the melanin in our skin prevents us from getting it from the sun and we are nearly non from our diets. Getting the correct form of Vitamin D is extremely important. Vitamin D3 and Magnesium help to regulate weight, metabolism, absorption of calcium and promote healthy cell renewal.High quality supplements are vital to maintaining proper health and avoiding or reversing “obesity related” illnesses.

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