Is Donald Trump’s Rise Due to Fatigue with Political Correctness?


By Christian Kirk|Published August 14, 2015

Twitter: @ChrissyglowMediaMaven901

I was one of the many who thought a Donald Trump run would amount to nothing more than an elaborate publicity stunt. But now, after watching him emerge as a front runner, I am convinced that Donald is in fact a serious candidate and his popularity is due to something that likely never even occurred to his opponents–public fatigue with political correctness.

I like Donald Trump and I am not surprised that I do. I like straight shooters, even when I disagree with them. I can appreciate someone who says what he means and doesn’t continually shift his position to suit popular opinion.  There is something I can trust about a straight shooter, whether I agree with him or and agree to disagree. As it turns out(according to the polls), there are several million Americans just like me. To us, Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air in a climate so polluted with “correctness” that solutions are few and cow pies are plenty.

It’s fun to watch Donald Trump scare the crap out of both Democrats and Republicans because they don’t know how to engage with him and are scared to death to attack him. They are all ballerinas– trained in the art of spinning, shifting quickly and landing lightly while Donald Trump is a shoot-from-the-hip cowboy–a heavy-footed bull in a china shop among them. He doesn’t follow the rules. Donald’s shock-jock approach is re-writing how the game of  modern politics is played.

While politicos clutched their pearls at Donald’s comments about illegal immigration, I watched in shock and a little awe that he had the gonads to say what he thought and what so many white Americans think and are afraid to say for fear of being labeled (accurately) for their thoughts. While commentators hopped (perhaps too quickly) at the opportunity to offer commentary on Trump’s “awful”, “unforgivable” comments about Fox News host Megyn Kelly; I rolled my eyes at their feigned horror and laughed hysterically at Trump’s accusation that anyone who thought he was talking about menses was a pervert.

I don’t necessarily think I want to live in a country run by Trump, but I would definitely like to see some of the other candidates take some tips from him. Stand by something you believe in and have the balls to take the backlash. Point out the absurd and know that some people will be offended. Have some freaking solid personal conviction! The only other candidate that does this (albeit with far more tact) is Ben Carson. Whom I also like.

For all Trump’s sensational appeal to media, his huge bank account and assumed separation from the challenges of common people, we can still relate to him being an everyday guy who says what he thinks…not what his team advises him to. It makes him normal in a way most candidates aren’t. We can appreciate that. Take notes politicians. Take notes.


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