Adult Fakes Transcript, Joins High School Basketball Team


Chrissy Kirk March 2, 2013 |Smart Brown Girl

Memphis, TN—Ridgeway High School’s Basketball team basketball team didn’t need more bad news. Just last week the team found out their assistant coach was dead, killed in his home and this week there was another death, their dream of going to state championships. The team was disqualified after school officials found out and reported that an “ineligible” player disqualified the team from competing. This ineligible player is a 22-year-old man from New Orleans who joined the team after having his wife sign him up for school as his guardian. The students and team, still reeling from the loss of a teacher and coach and are understandably devastated.

Memphis City Schools released this statement to WREG news:

“It has come to our attention that an ineligible player played in the closing minutes of the Region 8-AAA semi-finals against Whitehaven High School. Ridgeway High School reported this information to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA). Ridgeway
HS has forfeited that game and has been removed from the tournament playoffs.”

Our sources tell us the adult male attended class, ate lunch and behaved like a normal student. “It looks like he just wanted a second chance,” said one student of the man who had previously been connected with gangs in his hometown of  New Orleans. Even school administrators admit that he passed right under their radar. In fact, the case didn’t blow open until the imposter’s wife started making harassing phone calls to cheerleaders after she found texts  on his phone. She angrily revealed to the cheerleaders that she was not his mother but his wife! The cheerleaders took the issue to school officials who investigated the case and found that it was true. The school voluntarily submitted the information to the TSAA and now the team of state championship hopefuls is left to suffer the consequences.

“It’s absurd the administration has failed. They’re not keeping the kids safe. They’re not doing checks and balances” said Adrian Jones, a parent of a child at Ridgeway.”

Memphis City School policy prohibits adults from attending school with minors.

“There was a 22-year old who falsified his documents and they got disqualified from everything and a lot of players getting scouted got screwed over”, said student Carlos Delgado.”

The potential scholarships and opportunities loss to this basketball team that fought back  against all odds, to a number 3 seat, may be the most tragic turn in this story yet.



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