T.I. Shows Rappers Know Jesus Too

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From TheLightNC – Many times as Christians we don’t allow ourselves to engage in wordly or secular activities. We keep our circle tight and Godly. We look at those who entertain wordly things with contempt, not realizing two important things:
– We can’t perform true mission work for God if we aren’t mingling with those who don’t know him
– We may be able to get help bringing unbelievers to Christ if we partner with those who are in the world and know Christ.
Let me make an important distinction on that last point. I am saying that there are some people who engage in wordly activities and also know Christ. Case and point: Rapper TI.

On his latest project – Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head – rapper TI, who is known for glorifying the street lifestyle, shows us his love for Christ on the track “Hallelujah.”
The song opens with a woman singing part of the chorus from the Christian hymn “Jesus Loves Me.
After the singer finishes TI comes in and quickly sets the stage for the song by giving listeners a closer look at his fears as they relate to his experiences in the street life. To make his case stronger, and to show his growth and maturity as a man of God, TI begins to create analogies using Biblical references:
“I went to jail, stood tall, then I fell again It seems like I’m Jonah and right back in that whale again” (Book of Jonah)
“Like Lazarus I’ve risen from a better death again” (John 19)

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