Naomi Campbell Mugged in Paris


So that report about Naomi Campbell maybe getting attacked in Paris? Turns out that it happened. For real this time. (Well, at least until the next report refuting it comes out.)

You’ll recall that the press has been documenting Naomi Campbell going about her business on crutches or a motorized wheelchair for the past month because she sustained a torn ligament in her leg. A report in the New York Post last Friday suggested that Campbell got the injury after being mugged in Paris while hailing a cab. But The Daily Mail called bullshit on the whole notion that Naomi Campbell would ever be alone hailing a cab (she only takes limos with an entourage obvi), and even got some quotes from French police that the supermodel never filed a report about being attacked.

Now, the British tab has amended its story. It turns out that yes, Naomi Campbell was mugged–though it wasn’t while hailing a taxi. She was sitting in a limo (which sounds much more like her style) in Paris in the Marais district when two thieves on motor bikes swooped by and tried to nab her handbag. She was allegedly not alone at the time, and the thieves were unsuccessful in snagging the bag.

And yes, French police confirmed that she filed a report about the attack, but refused a medical examination at the time. And because no story in The Daily Mail can be without some intrigue, the tab is reporting that Campbell was “worried that the motorbike riders had deliberately targeted her and might strike again.”

The model’s spokespeople continue to remain mum, offering no comment about the whole ordeal.


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