While the South is Picking Up Pieces, the Northeast Braces for Massive Snowstorm

Couple walks through remains of burned houses in Breezy Point borough of Queens, NY

A deadly winter storm has dumped snow in the American South, sent 34 tornadoes across several states, left hundreds of thousands without electricity and killed at least six people.

­A day after Christmas, travelers were left stranded at airports due to canceled flights as the winter weather continued to make its way north. The storm left behind it a mess of destruction. Buildings in Louisiana and Alabama were destroyed by tornadoes, sheets of ice made the roads in Illinois slippery, and Indiana had so much snow that officials told residents to stay at home. More than 189,000 customers were left in the dark in Arkansas after the storm knocked out the utility company Entergy Arkansas.

Firefighter walks through debris in Mobile, Ala

The town of Mobile, Ala. was severely damaged by tornadoes. Destroying schools, a church, and causing car wrecks, the tornadoes ripped through the town and terrified its residents.

“You could see it forming,” a witness told CNN affiliate WALA. “And then it came behind the church and then (there was) all green fluorescent lighting and it was like popping transformers left and right. You heard crashing and then the power went out.”

Young man being loaded into ambulance after being injured by Christmas Day Tornado

The town suffered downed power lines and trees, leaving nearly 21,500 Mobile customers without power. But across the state, 26,600 were without power. More than 84,000 in Arkansas and 4,000 in Louisiana were also left in the dark.
[More photos of the destruction adn more on what the Northeast can expect]


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