Headache? Could Be What You Ate


Stress, lack of sleep, those last two drinks; all have been blamed for headaches. While each may play a role, the food you eat does too. Pork, for people of color, is often listed a headache trigger but some of the other foods that may leave you in pain, may surprise you. [Sumathi Reddy reports for the Wall Street Journal]

cured meat

Ellen Loughrin, 51, went to see Dr. Buchholz a few years ago after suffering from fatigue, vertigo and other symptoms as a result of migraines. “I really resisted the idea that foods could be the source of this, especially a whole bunch of foods that are promoted as essential for your health and an optimal way of living” like avocados, legumes and bananas, says the Rochester, N.Y., resident, who works as a project manager for a software implementation company.

Ms. Loughrin says her symptoms a year later were much reduced. She avoids pizza, oranges and peanut butter, one of her favorite foods. Yogurt, also, is off the table. And she reads labels carefully to make sure there are no onions in packaged foods. “In a few years I may start experimenting and adding some of the trigger foods,” she says. “Right now quality of life is worth more than the foods.”
[Read more about “trigger” foods]


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