Yeah Right! Tagg Romney Says Dad “Didn’t Want To Be President”

Chrissy Kirk| December 24, 2012

File this under complete malarkey! Tagg Romney is obviously in need of a lesson in sportsmanship. It seems Mitt Romney’s team just can’t wrap its head around what went wrong in his considerable loss to President Obama in the 2012 election. The eldest son of the twice-defeated former presidential candidate told the Boston Globe his father “wanted to President less than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.” The statement is patently false and makes the Romneys look like cry babies trying to dismiss  the sting of poor strategy and defeat. The out-of-touch Romneys played to racial division and elitist values that common people don’t relate to. Also, Romney’s failure to explain why he put so many Americans out of work at head of Bain Capital and how his approach to workers would differ as president, was a big mistake. Blaming Obama’s “gifts” for a “demographic shift” proves the Romney camp is incapable of self-reflection and underestimated the public’s low tolerance for bull.  When Romney spoke, the consensus was  that he could not be trusted, even fairly solid Republican voting blocks.  The dilemma for many was deciding which they hated worst, a black guy as  president or someone who demonstrated he has no regard for middle and working-class Americans. Admitting that Romney gave his best and lost fair and square is apparently too genuine a gesture for the plastic Romneys and their fragile egos.



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