Prince Harry’s First Kill?

Chrissy Kirk|December 23, 2012



princeHarry gunner

 PRINCE HARRY MAKES “FIRST KILL”  This headline, published by The Telegraph, refers to human life in a manner usually reserved for wild game. The headline has since been editied but not before being picked up by other media, like Newser.The fire-headed Harry is shown in a series of poses in military fatigue. Harry’s “spokesman” says “his unit averages two kills a week.”The photos and article are intended to show the valiantness of the British bad boy. The photos are well done, but raise the urgency that the U.N. take action now to end this war, because this headline indicates no intent for diplomacy. A show of disregard for the lives of the people in this region by western press helps to spread terrorism, rather than stomp it out. Read article and see Harry’s photoshoot.




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