How Wi-Fi is Bad for Your Health


    The use of Wi-Fi for cell phones and wireless internet connections has become prevalent. Studies on its health effects, however are harder to come by.
    Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic waves, the same as a your microwave. However your cellphone may cause the greatest danger in exposing you to this radiation. Though there have been several studies on the dangers of cell; the lower-level, constant exposure to radiation with Wi-Fi is sparking new debate. Though no health risks related to cable connections or wired LANS have been found; in an on-the-go society, it makes sense that consumers flock to internet tools that are mobile as well. Wired connections even provide a boost in internet speed. But the apparent convenience of being able to log on while on the go, is causing many to risk their health in what could be dangerous new territory. CBC News reports on parents that took on the school systems after their children became ill from what they believe is Wi-Fi.


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